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Welcome to our detailed exposition of the Book of Zechariah!

In the second year reign of Darius, God raised up Haggai the prophet to encourage the Jews in rebuilding the temple. Haggai preached four sermons in four months and then disappeared from the scene. Two months after Haggai delivered his first sermon, Zechariah began his prophetic ministry, encouraging the people to spiritual renewal and motivating them to rebuild the temple by revealing to them God’s plans for Israel’s future. With this prophetic encouragement the people completed the temple reconstruction in 516 B.C. The dated portions of Zechariah’s prophecy fall within the period of the rebuilding of the temple. The undated prophecies of Zechariah 9–14 was most likely written much later in his ministry.

Join us in learning about Zechariah and his task to challenge the remnants that were restored in their holy work!

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Identify the major messages in the Book of Zechariah.
Understand the key Biblical covenants in Zechariah.
Demonstrate a proper study method of Zechariah.
Anticipate the second coming of Christ and the restoration of Israel.
Receive application from the major principles found in Zechariah.