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The Book of Zechariah

Zechariah began his prophetic ministry encouraging Israel to spiritual renewal and the rebuilding of God’s temple. How does the remnant get to work and how does Zechariah fit into the bigger picture of the Gospel?

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6 Lessons

6 Course Videos

2+ Hours of Material

God is Faithful

How did Zechariah keep his eye on both the temporal task at hand and the eschatological day? Does the revealing of God’s future plans motivate you like the people that Zechariah was encouraging? Join us for a six-session study where we dive into studying Zechariah, his visions, the cultural-historical background, and the work that God gave him and His people in rebuilding the Temple.

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What to Expect

In your free Zechariah Bible course, you will learn

  • Identify the major messages in the Book of Zechariah.
  • Understand the key Biblical covenants in Zechariah.
  • Demonstrate a proper study method of Zechariah.
  • Anticipate the second coming of Christ and the restoration of Israel.
  • Receive application from the major principles found in Zechariah.
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Meet Your Teacher, Bryan

Listen to a Class Sample

In this clip from The Book of Zechariah, Bryan discusses God’s desire that His people would respond to His message and understand that God, being a clear communicator, is relevant now as He was when He was speaking to the Jewish people at the time of Zechariah.

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Course Lessons

Over your 6 lessons, you will cover topics like key covenants, relevance, cultural and historical background, captivity, destruction and obedience.

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